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Patron Experience

"April created two miniature paintings in the style of Greek Orthodox icons. They are exactly what I wanted and the gold background makes them pop. I have them in my kitchen where I can see them everyday. She executed my commission flawlessly. Highly recommend." 

-Amelia Hugill-Fontanel

Let’s Work Together

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How does it work?

To commission your own custom piece from me, pick a painting with a similar subject matter and style from my shop or personal website, and send me a message describing what you would like. Then, I will contact you with a quote. If the job is too different from my current style or subject matter, I may decline the job as it would be out of my area of expertise and I cannot guarantee the quality. However, I also love a challenge, so go ahead and send me your ideas! Sometimes I will even cut a deal if the idea sounds fun or interesting to me.

Typically, I receive a request, and then I put together a proposal with a description of the piece I will make and a quote for how much the commission would cost. Generally, if the work is similar to one that already exists, the price will be about the same as the one that already exists. Note that I will never paint an exact duplicate of a painting I have already made, but I will work to create an original variation on an existing theme that you will love.

After the patron gives feedback, then I draw up a contract that outlines what work will be done and how much the person will pay. At the time of the contract, I usually also submit sketches of what the work will look like. Sometimes I make several sketches and let the patron choose the one that best suits their wishes. For very large or expensive commissions, the contract may state that part of the funds will be received up front as a guarantee of final payment later.

Depending upon how large the work is and how long it takes me, I usually also send photographs of the work in progress to ensure that it is proceeding as desired.

As an artist, typically I paint what I like and then hope that someday someone will want to buy it. I love commissions though because they are guaranteed sales, and I know that a commissioned work will hold an extra special place in a buyer's heart since they had direct input upon its creation.

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