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Two new events!

Exciting news. In May, I will be selling a poster at the Spokes & Ink festival here in Rochester, and in June, I'll be teaching a class on gold leaf.

I'm very excited about the class. I've been drafting instructions and realized there are many parts of my process that I do intuitively and haven't broken down step by step before. I'm pleased about the poster as well. I wasn't sure if a breastfeeding Madonna would be too edgy for the bike festival, but it seemed that a pro-biking Madonna would breastfeed, right?

Details are below:


Create a Gold Leaf Painting!

Only $25

June 29, 2015 from 6-9 PM

Location: Rochester Brainery


Poster at Spokes & Ink

10 copies of my poster Madonna del Ghisallo will be available for purchase at Spokes and Ink. Each poster will be $20 with some proceeds going to support Genesee Center for Arts & Education.

May 30, 2015, noon-6PM

Location: Monroe Ave. between Oxford and Rutgers in Rochester, NY

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