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About the Artist

April Younglove is an artist who lives and paints in Oregon. They have a degree in Fine Art from Marylhurst University and received training in creating Byzantine icons from master iconographer Sherry V. Lynch

Testimonials from buyers

"You're seriously talented and offer something I just haven't seen elsewhere. I am still completely in love with the hamster miniature and the whale that you created. I love the whimsy you capture. I think a lot of adults these days are looking for inspiration that has that vibe or evokes a playful mood." 

-Michael Braun Hamilton

"The Paintings are beautiful and unique. They've been hanging in prominent locations in my home for years now and still make me smile every time I look at them."


- Andrea L. Menz

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Artist Statement

I use imagination and visual imagery to explore the mundane, humorous, and sometimes surreal landscapes of my mind. Viewers are invited to use their own internal lenses to interpret what they see in my paintings.

Much of my work is representational, but my goal is never to hold a mirror up to nature. Instead, I playful and irreverently ask: How does an art object transcend being more than colors on a surface to elicit feelings of interpersonal reflection, desire, or adoration? I find these moments of veneration and connection in surprising places: pop culture icons, tiny beetles, imaginary creatures.

Creating physical objects with texture and dimensionality in an increasingly digital world grounds my abstract thoughts and feelings in the material world around me. To emphasize the art as a physical object to be enjoyed, I create color depth through paint layering, and sometimes add texture with surface punching or gold leaf. Buyers of my work will benefit from the full experience of interacting with art up-close and in-person and will appreciate observing the complexity that can be revealed with repeated viewings.


2010 - present

2010 - present

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